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The Top Management, which has executive authority in VEFA PHARMACEUTICALS, has prepared and published its Quality Policy in accordance with our company's objectives and customer expectations and needs.

Principles of Quality Policy;

Our Company's Quality Policy has been prepared in a way to ensure integrity with the Basic Purpose.

Our main purpose is to contribute to healthy life by producing international quality products. Our strategic plans, business plans and quality targets are established in line with our complementary Basic Purpose and Quality Policy. We take the following principles as basis in the preparation of these plans and objectives;

To continuously review and improve all our processes that constitute our Quality Assurance System with innovative and creative approaches,

Manage our resources in the most efficient and efficient way,

To work with a customer-oriented approach and to continuously increase the satisfaction of our customers from the products and services we offer to them,

To provide continuous support to the development of our employees with the holistic Quality Management System in order to ensure that our Quality Assurance System is understood, adopted, implemented and developed by all employees.

To carry out studies in line with Win-Win principle for our suppliers to establish and / or develop their Quality Assurance Systems in line with our plans and targets.

Our Quality Policy and Implementation Principles have the full support of VEFA PHARMACEUTICAL management and are shared with all employees through announcements and trainings. VEFA PHARMACEUTICALS employees undertake to comply with these policy and practice principles. Quality Policy is reviewed and updated with the participation of senior management and all employees.

In line with these goals and principles, the full support of top management and the “Quality Policy“ created by the participation of all of us and updated when necessary, is an integral part of our Quality Management System.

The mission of our company, which serves the Human Medicines, Traditional Herbal Medicines and Food supplements industry, is to offer its customers high quality and wide range of medicines, food supplements and products with the latest technology, with the right strategy that brings together the health sector between continents. In addition, it is to provide a fast and effective response to the needs of all our customers in the context of customer satisfaction.

With the awareness that perfection can only be achieved with hard work and continuous self-development, our vision is to become the most preferred production base in the production of private brands in Eurasia. For this purpose, our company has chosen the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Standard, GMP Principles and HACCP rules as a model for itself in order to cover all its activities that affect its quality.

Within the framework of the understanding of "respect for people", which is the fundamental basis of our corporate values, the necessary guidance, management and coordination activities are the primary commitment of our management to ensure the unconditional satisfaction of all individuals and institutions benefiting from VEFA ILAC products.

In accordance with our quality policy, it is essential to ensure the continuity of our quality system and its dissemination to all personnel and subcontractors.

With the voluntary participation and high performance of all VEFA ILAC employees serving as a young, dynamic and modern team, we have full faith in taking our place among the few successful companies in our country and the world.

Our Mission

To offer its customers a high quality and wide range of medicines, traditional herbal medicines, food supplements and personal care products with the latest technology, with the right strategy that brings together the health sector between continents.

Our Vision

Thanks to its success in Pharmaceutical/Traditional-Herbal Product/Food Supplement production and R&D; To be one of the rapidly growing companies in the field of export.


Khaladdin Guliyev